Relationship 3.0


In the past, relationships began as unions to join countries, bringing together two individuals for no other purpose than to form alliances. Eventually, we evolved to picking our own partner, which was mostly driven by physical desires. Unresolved emotions interfered with these relationships, physical desire alone was not able to maintain healthy relationships. 

Relationships 3.0, Co-creative partnerships are about emotional/physical energy joined between people who are elevated above and beyond their emotional pains and are now ready to express joy and creativity together as a team! While we work together toward the common goals, we also retain our individual unique traits and goals that are supported by our partner. 

Co-Dependent no more!

"The difference between a codependent relationship and a healthy one is the same as the difference between compromise and giving up on yourself. In a healthy relationship, you are able to find a resolution to your differences that works for both of you. And this is without one person consistently giving up on their needs or desires." Read full article by Cosmo Luce.

"A codependent person is an individual who develops patterns within their relationships where the codependent individual has a one-sided relationship with another person. In these relationships, the codependent individual ignores personal needs and suppresses emotions in favor of the other person in the relationship." 

Am I co-dependent?


The Gottman Method


Evaluate your Relationship

It’s possible to evaluate your relationship to recognize areas for  improvement, as well as recognize areas of strength! Contact me today to  learn more!  

Learn about the Relationship Checkup

 The *Relationship Checkup is comprised of 5 sections, each partner answers their own set of questions.

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