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Cheryl L. Wheeler, MA

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Cheryl L. Wheeler, MA

Addictive - Behavioral - Substance

Anything can become addictive; food, gambling, exercise, sex, spending, internet, video/computer games, etc. 

There  is a sense of dis-empowerment in our life for which one seeks  outside  of self to remedy.

Anxiety, depression, stress, anger. Cheryl L. Wheeler, MA

Anger - Anxiety - Depression

Freedom from residual resentment, anger and fear. Stop hurting those you love, no longer placing responsibility for your happiness on others. Holding yourself and others hostage to the past, expecting the fantasies to become reality.

CSA, Childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape. Cheryl L. Wheeler, MA

Childhood Sexual Abuse/Assault

Sexual abuse/assault  leaves emotional and psychological scars that are not always obvious to  others or even yourself. Below are ten of the most common *sexual  effects from sexual abuse/assault...

Midlife crisis. Cheryl L. Wheeler, MA

Mid-Life Crisis

There comes a time when we begin to question everything we’ve ever believed... satisfaction with our lives, relationships, career and so  much more. This is a time of self-actualization that we all are faced with. 

Narcissism, narcissist abuse. Cheryl L. Wheeler, MA


"By dehumanizing and objectifying people – the narcissist attacks the very foundations of the social treaty."

Malignant Self Love Narcissism Revisited, By Sam Vaknin

Co-creative partnerships, partners, relationships. Cheryl L. Wheeler, MA

Relationships 3.0 

Co-creative partnerships are about emotional/physical energy joined between people who are elevated above and beyond their emotional pains and are now ready to express joy and creativity together as a team! While we work together toward the common goals, we also retain our individual unique traits and goals that are supported by our partner. Co-dependence no longer!

Pre-marriage counseling, couples counseling, same sex counseling, marriage counseling. Cheryl L. Wheeler, MA

Pre-marriage, Couples Counseling

The main reason that people seek sessions are related to  problems with relationships. Such problems might  arise at home, at work, or they might appear as a general feeling of  not fitting in. Relationships are all around us, relationship with  others not only intimately.   

Infidelity. Cheryl L. Wheeler, MA


Beyond  the damage to the committed partnership, Infidelity may also involve  implications of cultural, religious and legal aspects. Sexual infidelity  is rarely about sex! Typically, what is sought after is something  missing in their own life - a sense of self-worth, relational issues,  self-identity, self-care, and an understanding of moderation.  

Discernment Counseling,  relationship ending relationship, divorce, separation. Cheryl L. Wheeler, MA

Considering Divorce? 

Discernment  Counseling is an effective approach when one or both partners in a  relationship are contemplating ending their relationship or marriage but are not completely confident it is the right decision.  

Evaluate and Improve relationships Gottman Method. Cheryl L. Wheeler, MA

Evaluate and Improve Relationships

It’s possible to evaluate your relationship to recognize areas for  improvement, as well as recognize areas of strength!  

 The *Relationship Checkup is comprised of 5 sections, each partner answers their own set of questions. 

Family Counseling, parenting. Cheryl L. Wheeler, MA

Family Counseling - Parenting

The family unit if not working smoothly will affect the entire family dynamic. 

As each family is different, sessions will be individualized for that families needs!

Metaphysical counseling, spiritual counseling. Cheryl L. Wheeler, MA

Metaphysical - Spiritual Counseling

*Consciousness Awakening

*Guided Meditation - Individualized and personalized

*Forgiveness Experiential

*Healing - cord cutting

*Spiritual Counseling