Quantum Psychology Advances


Cheryl L. Wheeler, MA

Quantum Psychology Advances applied through a non-medical modality allows one to become aware and mindful of both the relationship between our automatic responses and what triggers them, as well as the mechanism, itself, of those automatic responses. 

Trained as a *counselor - psychotherapist 


Quantum Psychology Advances removes the pathological or pathogenic aspects that the medical disease model of  mental disorders prescribes. No longer is the client viewed as ill with a diagnosis in need of treatment or billing code!

*LGBTQ Friendly

*HSA accepted


The subconscious/unconscious hold our memories and beliefs, including the limiting beliefs that we took to be true when an emotion first appeared. For example, a child of 5 may assume his parents divorce is because he was bad. This is a self-limiting belief (belief frozen in time) that he may have held true until middle age, and affecting his own relationships.  Addressing these limited beliefs involve unprocessed emotions and traumas, as well as unresolved developmental stages (Erickson’s Psychosocial Stages of Development). 

This is Quantum Psychology Advances!



EMF, EHS Health

Emotional Distress (depression, anxiety, anger, stress...)

Relational Discord (Couples, Discernment, Divorce, Parenting...)

Life Exploration & Satisfaction (business, career, goals...)

Communication Effectiveness (professional, personal)

Sobriety Coaching (addictions - behavioral, substance, sexual)

Trauma Recovery (childhood - adult Sexual abuse, assault and rape) female and male survivors

Spiritual Counseling (intuitive - meta-physician, cord cutting, forgiveness experiential, consciousness awakening



Transitioning  from the business world, I returned to study my life's dream of working  with others in overcoming childhood trauma and abuse. Education  includes a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology through Argosy  University (2007), and in the home stretch of completing a doctoral  degree in Clinical Psychology from Capella University. Also, pursuing my  Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D. specializing in Transpersonal Counseling  through the University of  Sedona.  


Measuring  success is something you will be able to see and feel first hand. Once  we begin to understand the origin (beginnings) of what is holding one  back, then we can observe the patterns and begin to move forward.

My  experience, is that once a person can make the connection between the  point of origin and the current beliefs or behavioral patterns we can,  at this point begin to create change.  


I became disillusioned with the medical model of psychotherapy when I realized that most psychotherapist work under insurance companies dictates. Breaking away from the medical model I choose to work with Quantum Psychology, with a focus on sexual abuse trauma (PTSD) healing. Quantum Psychology removes the pathological or pathogenic aspects that the medical disease model of mental disorders prescribes. No longer is the client viewed as ill with a diagnosis in need of treatment. Consideration is given for the “holistic approach” (whole person) incorporating mind, body, and spirit. 

*counselor  - psychotherapist,  adheres to the concepts that the medical disease  model of mental disorders prescribes. Mainly, that the client is viewed  as ill with a pathological or pathogenic diagnosis in need of treatment.   

(Therapist as Life Coach: An Introduction for Therapist and  Other Helping Professionals by Patrick Williams and Deborah C. Davis ) 

A step beyond Traditional Psychotherapy!