Who we are


I believe we all have the ability to heal ourselves, you will learn how to incorporate daily practice that will continue replacing limiting beliefs with discernment, resilience, and so much more! 

 Transformation through a holistic approach activating self-healing incorporates  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP),  and Epigenetics.  

This is Quantum Psychology Advances! 


A Step Beyond Traditional Psychotherapy 

Infinite Possibilities in Emotional Healing

Transform Frustration into Life Satisfaction!

Helping release emotions of anger, anxiety, depression, fear, stress, sexual abuse (childhood & adult), narcissism and more.  

Same day appointments, call for availability.

Trained as a *counselor - psychotherapist, all services provided as Transformational Life Coach.

Concierge Services

Medical, legal, science professions

Ideal for professionals and executives seeking confidential help. Online HIPAA approved teleconference sessions, secure, confidential and never recorded.    

Quantum Psychology Advances is a process of implementing critical thinking  into action, by testing hypothesis, and applying analytical thinking. Trained  as a *psychotherapist.   A Step Beyond Traditional Psychotherapy ~ Infinite Possibilities in Emotional Healing